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It is Our Mission to help and care for those who cannot for themselves

Physicians Ambulance is a privately owned, family owned and operated Ohio Corporation, providing Emergency Medical Services, Skilled Patient Transport, Specialty Care, and Scene Standby & First Aid (Event Medicine) for 250+ healthcare and professional partners, spanning across 14 Ohio counties.


Offering Critical Care, Specialty Care Transport (ALS-II), Advanced Life Support, and Basic Life Support, along with several ancillary services, Physicians Ambulance continues to raise the bar, challenge the status quo, and push the next wave of development in pre-hospital care.


When a Physicians Ambulance Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician or Caregiver shows up for your loved one, you can expect a high level of clinical knowledge and skill, compassion and the reassuring comfort that your loved one is in good hands.


We are an educational body, with a philanthropic heartbeat.


We strive to continuously learn and improve,

while ingraining ourselves in the communities we serve.

We seek to find purpose in every patient interaction,

While growing individually and collectively.

We aim to innovate and to promote positivity, always.



We are committed to involvement & teamwork,

knowing that our people make the difference and determine our future.


We are committed to earning the respect of those we serve

by promoting open lines of communication; fostering trust & partnership.


We are committed to the rigorous and continuous training of our staff,

recognizing the importance of safety & comfort in each individual transport.

Service Excellence

We are committed to the highest standards of service excellence

and dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those we serve.


Physicians Ambulance is an Accredited Learning Center. We hire and look to cultivate highly motivated, intellectually driven and ethically sound individuals. We believe we can teach, or reinforce, the clinical side of pre-hospital Emergency Medicine. What we can't teach, and can only cultivate, is one's character and moral fiber. We seek these individuals out, to join to the best teams in Ohio.

We are an organization focused most intently, first, on clinical advancements and then philanthropic giving, through our many charitable initiatives; better known as Physicians Charities. We believe providing the best care is the most important, with supporting our communities as a very close second.


"We are the choice of so many not because we are perfect, but because we know we aren't perfect; yet we pursue perfection each and every day."

Jason Hess President (3rd Generation)
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